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Word processing file for download

To view this you will need a version of Microsoft Word which can access or convert MS Word 97 format files.

The following file is available for download. How you should access it will depend on the Browser you are using. In most Windows browsers, if you use the right-hand mouse button to click on the link set out below, your browser will bring up a menu including an option such as "Save Target As" or similar. If you click on this, the browser will then present various options by which you can save the file to your own computer. You may, for example, be asked to indicate a folder in which to save the file. Follow the directions and the file should download OK. Similar mechanisms are provided for by Macintosh browsers"

If you use the standard (left) mouse button on a Windows browser several things may happen. Depending on the browser version you are using and various other settings, the file may simply download in as indicated above. In later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, the file may load directly into you browser. If you have MS word installed, this may be launched and the file will be displayed. Once this has happened you can use the usually menu options for saving the files to your own disk.

File for Download